How to Identify Content Strong Enough to Reuse

And How to Do it Successfully

Jul 24, 2023 | Courtney Petersen - Senior Client Success Manager

As marketers, we understand the fundamental principle that it takes more than one touchpoint to get your message across. In fact, the widely accepted “rule of seven” suggests that it takes at least seven touches to drive action. But, there’s also constant pressure to generate new, exciting content to deploy. Developing new content can be time-consuming and can hinder your ability to be in-market reaching your audience. Reusing strong content can be a valuable tactic to extend the reach of your messaging, save your team time, and achieve great results. We’ve been testing how to repurpose content successfully over the past few months, and we’re excited to share results and best practices that you can incorporate into your strategy.

The first step is identifying what content is strong enough to reuse. When it comes to physician marketing, good content is: 

  • Current: ideally less than a year old 
  • Clinical: appropriate for healthcare professionals 
  • Relevant: to knowledgeable medical specialists 
  • Tailored: to your audience and your goals 

Physicians are drawn to content that is clinical in nature. Focus on medical innovations, research, newly published studies by affiliated doctors, adoption of cutting-edge technology, and other topics that are most relevant to physicians. Patient stories and administrative, institutional updates often resonate with physicians less than information about medical advancements and outcomes.

There's an advantage to reusing content: you can evaluate what performed well with audiences and select content that aligns with your organizational goals. Are you focused on brand awareness? Select content that has been proven to engage physicians with high impression rates. Are you focused on patient acquisition? Evaluate what messaging has generated the highest positive responses. 

Four Tactics To Reuse Content

1. Run high-performing content to new physicians within the same audience

It’s impossible to reach an entire specialist audience with one marketing program. For example, there are tens of thousands of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons on Doximity. But, if you have content that has been proven to resonate with cardiologists on a smaller scale, consider redeploying that content to additional specialists. 

2. Run high-performing content to a new audience for a new goal

Maybe you initially developed a piece with a brand awareness goal in mind. But, after seeing how well that content resonated with your specialist audience, consider repurposing it for patient acquisition goals by redeploying to local specialists or even primary care providers near you.

3. Run it to the same audience. 

Remember the rule of seven? We’ve seen partners run the exact same content (images, headline, copy) multiple times to the same audience with a month or two between each program. The programs performed within benchmark each time. It just goes to show that multiple touchpoints can be very successful in getting your message across to physicians. 

4. Try out a new channel like the State and Local Digest or the Specialty Digests to further expand your reach. 

If your content really shines on one channel, it’s possible it will perform well on a different channel. For example, we’ve seen partners repurpose top-performing native content in geography-specific email digests with great success.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Rule of Seven: Remember, it takes more than one touchpoint to get your message across to physicians, so use that great content in multiple ways on multiple channels. 
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder: We’ve seen that repurposed content performs as well as the first time and is 26% faster to launch. So, save your team time by re-running content to the same, similar, or even wholly different audience depending on your strategy.  
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: There are a lot of different ways to reuse content. Your Doximity team is here to help you create the best strategy for your organization and your goals.