3 Reasons Why You Want Your Physicians on Doximity

Apr 29, 2022 | Kate Domin - Doximity Marketing Manager

As a healthcare marketer, your primary focus probably isn’t your institution’s physicians' social activity. However, your physicians could be a secret weapon for amplifying your brand reputation. Doximity’s network includes over 80% of US physicians, with over 50 connections on average. Here are 3 reasons why you should encourage your physicians to be active on Doximity. 

1. Amplify your hospital’s brand

As your physicians grow their network on Doximity, they increase awareness of their practice, their research, and your hospital within their physician audience. When your physicians engage with content about your institution, it appears on the newsfeeds of their network connections. This has the potential to improve your brand awareness and improve regional and national awards, consumer preference surveys, and fundraising achievements. 

2. Encourage physician thought leadership

Through social amplification, Doximity will share profile updates with physicians’ networks. As a physician’s network grows, their peers and colleagues will stay up-to-date on their research, and thought leadership within their field, creating an organic brand ambassador for your institution. 

3. Increase your institution's network of potential referrers

Did you know that over half of independent physicians don’t have a preferred hospital partner? As your physicians’ Doximity networks grow, so does the number of physicians who will consider your institution for referrals. Their updates will be shared to this diverse network and will be front-of-mind within their speciality.  

And, there are even more benefits for physicians themselves, including staying connected with colleagues and reducing physician burnout. Need resources to support your physician efforts? Share this one pager that walks physicians through the simple process of joining Doximity.