4 Innovative Marketing Programs

By Top Healthcare Organizations on Doximity

Jun 24, 2024 | Kate Domin - Doximity Marketing Manager

In the rapidly evolving world of healthcare, finding the right marketing strategy can be challenging. What if you could learn from the best? There are many similarities between healthcare organizations and some replicable or adaptable strategies. We’re spotlighting 4 innovative marketing programs on Doximity from partners with different goals in the hopes that they could inspire your marketing efforts. 


  1. Leveraging an Untapped Audience 

    One partner, an integrated network in the southeast with over 850 locations, wanted to enhance referrals and patient volume for cardiology, oncology, and neurology service lines. They expanded their outreach beyond traditional MD/DO audiences to include NPs and PAs, collectively referred to as advanced practice providers (APPs). APPs care for a significant portion of patients–in fact, over a quarter of all healthcare visits in the U.S. are conducted by APPs. They also often work in primary care and therefore play a crucial role in referring patients to specialists. This approach tapped into a significant referral source. The result? An impressive 97 new patient referrals. 

    Takeaway: Embrace a diversified outreach strategy that includes APPs, who are valued, yet often overlooked, healthcare professionals.  

  2. Getting Personal  

    A clinically integrated network of physicians in Chicago sought to boost referral volume across various service lines from local physicians. They seized the opportunity to engage physicians through high-impact specialty- and geography-specific digests. They focused on the primary care audience and highlighted physician specialists, aiming to build personal connections with potential referring physicians. They followed up with messages introducing these specialists to engaged physicians. This strategy led to an influx of new referrals from primary care physicians. 

    Takeaway: We know that physicians are more likely to refer to physicians they know, which also improves patient care. Help facilitate physician-to-physician connections by shining light on specific specialists and offering introductions. 

  3. Harnessing a Surround Sound Approach 

    A conversational AI organization wanted to increase adoption of their AI-powered dictation solution among physicians. They employed a multifaceted strategy on Doximity, developing a robust library of tailored, clinical content. This content was deployed across a variety of channels, including sponsored articles in the newsfeed and digest sponsorship. By identifying and reusing content that resonated with specific specialty audiences, they exceeded benchmarks and ensured their solutions remained top of mind.

    Takeaway: Create a multi-channel, surround sound approach with tried-and-true messages to keep your content top of mind. 

  4. Combining Efforts: Physician Plus Patient Outreach 

    A prominent health system in western Pennsylvania wanted to stand out to both physicians and patients in their competitive healthcare landscape. They paired direct physician-to-physician outreach on Doximity with patient engagement directly through Doximity’s partnership with U.S. News and World Report. This transformative, multi-pronged strategy helped increase patient care access and generate new business opportunities. 

    Takeaway: Maximize impact by reaching both physicians and patients  at the same time. 

These are just a few examples of winning physician outreach strategies on Doximity. One thing they all have in common? They were a collaborative effort with Doximity’s expert client success team. Explore more tips for success from our team, including many former hospital marketers, here