A Day in the Life of Addison Amorosi

Doximity's Ohio-based Regional Vice President of Digital Partnerships

May 25, 2023 | Hospital Solutions

Building relationships with existing partners and creating new business relationships is vital to any company. We followed Addison Amorosi, our Dayton, Ohio-based Associate Vice President of Hospital & Digital Partnerships, to learn more about how she works with healthcare organizations seeking to reach physicians and share information about their relevant physician-focused offerings. Here's a peek into her daily routine.

6:00 AM

The iPhone alarm goes off, and today, Addison hits snooze for another 8 minutes. 6:08: time to head downstairs to make a pot of coffee, feed her 7-year-old black lab, Riley, and get ready for her morning workout.

8:15 AM 

Shortly after getting home from the gym, Addison and Riley head out for a quick stroll through the neighborhood to soak in some Vitamin D before heading in to start the workday. 

8:30 AM

Addison logs on for the day. Her water bottle and trusted coffee mug sit right next to her laptop. She takes a sip of coffee and starts Tuesday by reviewing her calendar for the day and catching up on any missed Slacks and emails. 

9:00 AM

Next up: The Notebook. Addison’s notebook is an important asset in her daily life for keeping her on track with to-dos, notes, and goals. She takes some time creating a daily to-do list with the hopes of getting through 80%, knowing other unexpected things are bound to come up throughout the day. 

9:30 AM 

Since each healthcare organization has distinct goals, Addison spends most of her day strategizing with current and prospective clients. She asks them questions to get a deeper understanding of their priorities: 

  • What markets/geographies are of priority over the next 3-6 months?
  • How are you utilizing engagement data to inform future programs and strategies?
  • Are you open to a multichannel approach to reach physicians where they are?
  • What actions do you want your audience to take after viewing your content? 
  • What is your #1 objective in measuring digital marketing efforts?
12:45 PM

Addison grabs Riley’s leash, and they head out for a quick 15-minute “pick me up walk.” Some days, she’ll have a podcast playing, but today, she walks without headphones to enjoy the spring birds chirping. Being outside is Addison’s favorite way to recharge for the next half of the day.

2:00 PM

Addison hops on a conference call to meet with her marketing team and a current partner to create a branded case study. The case study will focus on best practices for reaching a specialized physician audience using Doximity’s proprietary targeting algorithms. 

2:30 PM 

Addison focuses on three main items for the rest of the afternoon:

  • Creating a presentation for an upcoming in-person partnership review
  • Drafting a contract for a new partnership 
  • Researching healthcare trends and news, physician marketing and critical industry-specific business updates
5:15 PM

Laptop is shut, and the green dot on Slack turns gray. Addison gets up from her desk, grabs a Chomp beef stick, and heads out to the seasonal greenhouses to water her flowers. 

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