A New Way to Introduce Physicians

Physician Onboarding Meets Doximity

Mar 26, 2024 | Kate Domin - Doximity Marketing Manager

Onboarding a new physician to a hospital or healthcare system can be a big task. Physicians want to get immersed in their new community and build their practice, and hospitals want to set their physicians up for success and begin to recoup the investment in the hiring process. 

However, introducing a physician to the community can be a challenge. Traditionally, hospitals have relied on print ads, local news, hospital websites, press releases, and other mainstream media to make those introductions. But, these channels are not optimized to reach potential referring providers and new patients where they are. In fact, 68% of physicians report feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information they have to keep up with, including news and new treatments, research, clinical trials, and more. In this context of information overload, it’s unlikely that physicians are proactively staying up-to-date on new physicians in their area. And, only 20% of consumers begin a search for a provider on a hospital website.

That’s where the idea for a comprehensive, digital introduction, facilitated via Doximity, was born. Hospitals and health systems can now leverage Doximity’s Physician Onboarding solution to introduce their new hires with a combination of in-depth news articles and personalized physician-to-physician messaging. And, by encouraging participating physicians to optimize their Doximity profiles, hospitals can also bolster their physicians’ consumer-facing U.S. News profiles. 

Use Cases for Physician Onboarding: 

  • Introduce an exciting new hire to the community 

When you’re excited to share about a new hire, whether it’s a new Chief of Cardiology, a cutting-edge neurology researcher, or any other physician hire, spread the word with physician onboarding. 

  • Share a succession plan for a retiring physician 

While it’s exciting to celebrate a retirement from a long career, retirements can be jarring for longtime patients and providers who have been referring to an individual for years. Proactively introducing a successor can reduce leakage or confusion after a big transition. 

  • Announce a novel treatment or procedure that a physician offers
    New treatments and procedures often require specially-trained physicians. Highlight a physician’s unique offerings to physicians who might have patients in need of specialty care. 

  • Re-introduce an existing physician with capacity 

Whether a physician has recently returned from sabbatical or parental leave, or whether they happen to have the capacity for new patients, they can also benefit from a re-introduction to the community. Develop new referring relationships with physician-to-physician messaging and generate awareness with sponsored news stories.

Of course, onboarding a new physician to the team requires a holistic approach. Check out 5 quick wins for new physician onboarding from a former hospital marketing manager.