A Week in the Life of a Featured Physician

Nov 28, 2022 | Hospital Solutions

One unique facet of Doximity’s Colleague Connect® messaging tool is that messages are sent from a physician on behalf of their organization, hospital, or health system. This physician-to-physician approach builds trust, focuses on authenticity, and ultimately yields higher open rates and engagement. We call physicians who send messages on behalf of an organization “Featured Physicians.” 

As we know, physicians are incredibly busy and you might be apprehensive about trying to convince a time-strapped physician to work with you on a Colleague Connect® campaign. But, in reality, the time commitment for a Featured Physician is quite minimal.

Doximity works with the marketing team to craft a message in the Featured Physician’s tone of voice, identify the right physician audience, and send the message on behalf of the Featured Physician. Of course, Featured Physicians can be as involved in this process as they likebrainstorming message topics, writing and reviewing drafts, and/or providing input on the audience. But, the Featured Physicians’ only essential responsibility is to check Doximity about once a month and respond to any messages.

Featured Physicians stand to benefit greatly from participating in a campaign, from growing their network of colleagues to connecting one-on-one with potential referrers. Below is an example of what a week in the life of a Featured Physician on Doximity might look like. 



While scrolling through the newsfeed, the orthopedic surgeon sees that her affiliated hospital won a prestigious award. She likes the post and it is shared with her connections.


Between consults, she reads an interesting Op-Med article about grieving for patients on the newsfeed.


The orthopedic surgeon calls a patient on Dialer, and pulls up imaging of his femur to discuss a care plan.


To follow up with a patient that’s now in rehab, the orthopedic surgeon messages the patient’s physiatrist and gets an update within ten minutes.


The orthopedic surgeon checks her Doximity inbox – she has a reply from the Colleague Connect® campaign her marketing team put together. A primary care physician has a patient with chronic joint pain, and he thinks it’s time to bring in an orthopedic surgeon. He’s interested in sending her a referral. She thanks him and replies with her contact information, all within five minutes.  


She performs three procedures and sends 11 HIPAA-secure faxes on Doximity.


Before heading out to see a movie, the orthopedic surgeon catches up on CME credits, including an article on post-op patient outcomes.

Incorporating Featured Physicians into your outreach is just one way to tap into the power of your physician staff. For more opportunities to engage physicians in your marketing efforts, check out our blog post.