Better Together: Targeting and Content Journeys

Oct 24, 2022 | Kate Domin - Doximity Marketing Associate

We’ve said it before: great content is only one piece of the puzzle. To activate deeper engagement and make your content more impactful, consider developing a content journey. See our blog post for more information on creating a content journey. 

But, even a perfected content journey needs to be deployed to the right audience. That’s where targeting comes in. To level up your campaigns and maximize your content impact, pair the right content journey with precise targeting. 

It’s important to consider who you are reaching with your content and how you encourage users to dig deeper into more substantial content and eventually move down the communication funnel. Critically examine who your specific audience is for each campaign, which is likely to be a subset of your primary target audience. 

Consider exclusions as well as additions. For example, for a patient acquisition campaign, you might be set on reaching primary care providers within a 50 miles radius of your institution. Do you want to include your physicians to combat leakage? Exclude physicians who already refer frequently to your system? Include additional specialists with referral potential? Asking these questions will help refine your target list and know your audience

Furthermore, solidifying your target audience can actually enhance your content creation process given that you can center your audience and speak directly to them with a consistent tone of voice. In this way, your content journey and targeting will work to magnify the impact of your campaign.