How a Dictation App is Reaching Physicians: A Case Study

Dec 19, 2022 | Kaija Stern - Doximity Marketing Manager

Increasingly, digital health organizations like Mobius MD are turning to Doximity to help increase awareness of their brands among physicians. Learn how Mobius MD leveraged Doximity’s solutions to support their marketing goals. 

At its core, Mobius MD is all about saving time for physicians. Their app is EHR-independent and allows for easy dictation. Providers spend less time in front of the computer and more time with patients. When Mobius began a partnership with Doximity, the first goal was to lead physicians to download a free trial of their app from The App Store, as they had very high conversion rates from trials to purchases. 

Within a few months, the team realized that Doximity is a key platform to reach physicians with content that they value consistently. Due to physician burnout and the ever-increasing amount of paperwork and forms that keep physicians at their desks, the majority reach a point where they need a dictation service. By utilizing Doximity for physician outreach, including both sponsored articles on the newsfeed and direct physician-to-physician messages about the app, users could be more likely to select Mobius as their dictation tool. 

Compared to other physician marketing tactics, such as cold email outreach with physician databases, Doximity’s open and click-through rates saw values 8x and 2x higher, respectively. Not only did open rates exceed 77%, but physicians were returning to the messages and opening a second time at a rate of 23%. Their strategy, which leans on Doximity’s proprietary algorithms, enabled Mobius MD to reach engaged physicians with consistent messaging to build awareness of their brand. 

“Meeting physicians in person is great. But reaching them digitally is super quick and effective, and Doximity is where we can reach physicians. They can digest our content when they have time, and the flow of how they find out about us is super easy through Doximity.”

– Lauren Weinkrantz, Senior Account Executive, Mobius MD

Keys to Success

  • Start big: With digital health organizations, consumers can come from anywhere. Particularly with Mobius, most specialties could potentially benefit from a dictation service. Start with a large audience, including various specialties and locations.

  • Leverage common interests: While working with Doximity’s client success team and medical writers to develop content, Mobius focused their sponsored stories on topics that would resonate with physicians while staying true to their core values, such as physician burnout, how physicians use smartphones and typing vs. dictation for EHRs.

  • Keep it clinical: Mobius understood that with a physician audience, providing educational content and becoming a thought leader in the space is key.

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