The Dream Team: Your Agency Plus Doximity

How agencies collaborate with Doximity

Sep 27, 2022 | Kate Domin - Doximity Marketing Manager

Doximity is not your typical partner – we strive to become an extension of your marketing team. And, since some of our healthcare partners work with demand generation agencies to create, manage, and deploy their marketing strategies, we’re adept at working with agencies to support our client’s goals. 

Since Doximity doesn’t fit into a traditional media box, it’s important first to understand what a partnership with Doximity looks like. We don’t sell insertions but rather year-long collaborations. We report on engagement and ROI, not CPMs, and you won’t find any banner ads on our platform. We don’t bombard physicians with ads and messages in hopes of getting lucky. We create content experiences that physicians value and actively seek. So, in order to create content that stands out on Doximity, agencies are often tasked with transforming existing consumer-facing pieces into tailored physician-facing content. Check out our tips for how to develop content that clicks on Doximity. 

Agencies that work with Doximity seek media vendors to elevate their client’s brand awareness and reputation. But, they are also looking for strategic partners that provide industry knowledge, optimization, and reporting. Since Doximity's team includes former healthcare marketers and passionate industry experts, lean on your Doximity team to help develop and refine goals, audience, and strategies for your clients. The collaboration will mean even better results for your clients, but make sure to include all of your team members on meetings and emails to keep everyone on the same page. 

Doximity’s targeting capabilities, with over 47B data points, allow agencies to reach a hyper-specific audience with tailored content. Due to the nature of the platform, agencies can ensure that their clients are reaching only credentialed medical professionals, making your clicks, opens, and impressions that much more valuable. Doximity’s Client Success Team provides robust reporting which empowers agencies to make data-driven decisions about content, audience, and strategies. Share these high-level performance insights directly with your key stakeholders to demonstrate the impact of your campaigns on Doximity with ease. 

If you’re curious about what working with Doximity could look like for your clients, check out our webinar on finding synergy between agencies and Doximity