New Year, New Opportunities

Feb 11, 2021 | Hospital Solutions

Whether you want to start a business, move to a different state, or simply stop eating junk food, we all start the new year seeking to do better than we have in the year prior. Not only do consumers have New Year's resolutions, but hospitals and healthcare systems do too.


The new year has been here for over a month, and plenty strive to do better in the market. The first step in doing so is to have clear and outlined goals. Do you have yours in place? If not, think SMART:


Specific - The more specific you are when defining your goals, the easier it will be to see what you are trying to achieve. "Increasing patient engagement," is a definitive goal that all hospital marketers aim to achieve. 


Measurable - Adding a quantitative value to a goal, "Increase patient engagement rate by 3%," is going to keep one motivated and focused on achieving the desired outcome.     


Attainable - The goals that are set in place for hospital systems need to be realistic and feasible, "increasing patient engagement by 3%" is a goal that can be reached, but be careful of aiming too high or too low with a goal.


Relevant - Have your goal be closely aligned to your hospital and its' overall mission/values. 


Trackable - It is best to be able to record your goals over time to see progress. "Increasing patient engagement by 3%," will be a slow process, but being able to go back and fourth each month will show if efforts are working or not. 


Now, the more significant challenge to be faced is how to achieve the goals set for oneself? It is no easy task carrying out plans, but it is in no way impossible. Having goals set in place is impressive, but they are worth nothing sitting on a page collecting dust; thus, it is crucial to take action. Seeing results after beginning work will take time, but consistency will keep you moving in the right direction. Take a look at How to Stand Out In a Crowded Market and Marketing Trends On The Rise For 2021, as these can aid you in your efforts. 


Here at Doximity, not only are we striving for our own goals, but we are also dedicated to our clients’ successes. 

Want further help to achieve your 2021 goals? Reach out to your Client Success Team or contact us.