The Physician Journey

Support at Every Step

Dec 15, 2023 | Kate Domin - Doximity Marketing Manager

Doximity is a platform designed for physicians by physicians. So, it’s no surprise that Doximity has tools that meet physicians at every stage of their careers and every step of their journeys. We wanted to take a step back and share how Doximity supports physicians across their career stages with visibility into tools you might not be familiar with.


A physician’s career begins with extensive training. The residency match process is notorious for being a defining moment in a physician’s training. Doximity developed Residency Navigator, a tool graduating medical students use to evaluate and compare residency programs. This resource helps guide and inform medical students, empowering them to dive into the specifics of each program. Fueled by transparent survey results from Doximity members, it helps medical students find the right fit. It even features a couples match to help partners find compatible programs. It's a key reason why over 90% of fourth year medical students use Doximity. Physicians on X (formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn frequently share their love: “[Doximity’s] Residency Navigator empowered me as a medical student to take the first step to better understand exactly what I needed to do to become the best physician that I could be.” (Dr. Marson, LinkedIn)

Early Career

We’ve heard from physicians that networking and connecting with colleagues is essential after residency. Doximity provides physicians with a platform to easily keep in touch with an often dispersed network of medical school classmates, residency peers, and new colleagues across institutions and geographies. Physicians can also begin building a personal brand as key career updates, including recent publications and awards, are automatically shared with members of their network. 

Mid Career

As physicians settle into their careers, Doximity’s workflow tools are invaluable time-saving measures. Dialer enables physicians to make private, HIPAA-secure telehealth calls directly from their cell phones without ever revealing their personal number. Physicians can also collaborate with each other via HIPAA-secure messaging and digital fax. They can leverage Doximity’s HIPAA-secure generative AI tool to streamline burdensome documentation and administrative tasks that take time away from patient care.

Late Career

Doximity’s medical newsfeed is an asset to physicians throughout their career. Scrolling the newsfeed keeps physicians up-to-date on research from colleagues, medical innovations, and industry news. And, while physicians of all career stages can leverage Doximity’s tools, they might be tasked with different responsibilities as they mature in their career. For example, if physicians are pulled into hiring conversations, they could take advantage of Doximity’s Talent Finder solutions. Doximity’s Amion Clinical Scheduling tools can be a lifesaver if they're tasked with making institutional scheduling decisions. 

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