Allegheny Health Network (AHN), a prominent health system serving the Western Pennsylvania region, faced the challenge of standing out in a competitive healthcare landscape. While it had a strong reputation for providing high-quality care, AHN recognized the need to expand its reach among both physicians and patients. In 2019, AHN began working with Doximity to bolster its brand awareness and elevate its physician network.

Brand Awareness

Initially, AHN focused brand awareness efforts within cancer, cardiology, neurosciences, and orthopedics, as these tend to be the highest-value service lines. Recognizing the value of Doximity’s extensive physician network, AHN strategically engaged with physicians in these fields, sharing relevant clinical content and building loyalty to their brand. After the first year, Doximity’s client success team recommended that AHN expand the program to include both general brand awareness as well as adding a campaign specific to gynecology. While AHN ranked nationally in gynecology, their ranking didn’t reflect the quality of the program and their Doximity team encouraged them to share their key differentiators to move the needle. AHN was very receptive to this suggestion and launched a national gynecology campaign. By leveraging Doximity’s platform, AHN has effectively increased its reputation in national surveys, further solidifying its position as a leading healthcare organization in the region.

Physician Network

In addition to brand awareness, AHN’s collaboration with Doximity has been instrumental in driving patient acquisition over the past four years. Through Doximity’s Colleague Connect® program, AHN has sent a remarkable 12,705 physician-to-physician messages to physicians within the Doximity platform. These messages have consistently demonstrated high engagement, with an average open rate of 56% and an average connection rate of 22%, both exceeding the national benchmark. These impressive results can be attributed to AHN’s attentive approach as a partner, actively listening to Doximity’s strategy recommendations while crafting DocNews® and Colleague Connect® campaigns.

As a testament to the success of their partnership, AHN has generated over $8.3 million in patient revenue from Doximity throughout their partnership, highlighting the significant impact on referrals. This impressive return on investment fuels other aspects of the partnership, including brand awareness campaigns which can be more challenging to measure.

Patient Connect

Building on the outcomes achieved through Doximity’s Brand Awareness and Physician Network programs, AHN recognized the potential to further expand its patient base by reaching consumers directly. In 2022, AHN expanded their scope to consumers and embarked on a new initiative utilizing Doximity’s Patient Connect program. 130 AHN-affiliated physicians were featured on U.S. News and Doximity websites with buttons to direct patient traffic right to AHN’s preferred scheduling channels. Within the first year alone, the program generated an additional $1.2 million in patient revenue. By leveraging Doximity’s Patient Connect program, AHN established a direct pathway to capture the traffic in the market on U.S. News, and help potential patients to access their care.

Putting It Together

The strategic partnership between AHN and Doximity has proven to be a transformative force in achieving AHN’s initiatives and goals. Their success can be attributed to their trust in Doximity’s expertise in reaching physicians, as they have relied on Doximity’s guidance to combine the efforts of their various programs together to support both efforts regionally and nationally. AHN’s open-mindedness and receptiveness to conversation and objectives has enabled the two organizations to align and achieve exceptional outcomes: increased brand awareness, a surge in referrals, streamlined appointment scheduling, significant financial growth, and an enhanced overall patient experience.

Notable Results


Average Open Rate


Average Connection Rate


in Physician Network Revenue


in Patient Connect Revenue

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