Telehealth has significantly expanded access to care, but persistent gaps remain. Traditional, PC- and video-based telehealth services perpetuate some healthcare inequities – 26% of Americans do not own a PC, and broadband access is even lower among many underserved or vulnerable patient populations. Many potential patients will continue to be denied access until telehealth services become less device-dependent.

Modern virtual care needs to be able to meet patients where they are – by supporting the devices that are available to them, and enabling visits to be conducted by video or voice, inside or outside the home. To satisfy these imperatives, providers must be able to support smartphones as part of a multi-channel telehealth services offering.

This webinar is intended for hospital and health system leaders focused on clinical operations, telehealth strategy, innovation, and technology infrastructure. Doximity will cover how including support for smartphones in telehealth programs can reduce inequities by making care available to more patients and improving convenience for all.

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