Branding is arguably the most essential part of your marketing strategy. It builds trust and loyalty and tells a cohesive story that improves recognition. While telling one cohesive narrative is crucial, it can be tricky to achieve as organizations develop their brand, acquire new brands, or rebrand entirely. 

Hear from Susan Meier from Susan Meier Studio as she discusses strategies you should consider when branding, acquiring, or rebranding. Susan has spent 20+ years honing her craft. She now works with large and small companies alike to develop a brand strategy that leverages unique strengths and speaks directly to what customers care most about, and ultimately helps her clients drive profitable growth and maximize their impact in the world.

You'll also dive into a series of Doximity partner case studies that demonstrate how you can leverage solutions to tell one story and ultimately build awareness of your organization.

Hear Nick Sterner, VP of Hospital Solutions, and Ashley Schmidt, AVP of Strategic Accounts at Doximity, to learn how branding, referrals, and consumer marketing all come together to impact your reputation and what you can do to get started.

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