While each Doximity campaign is customized for your objectives, we've found it helpful to consider previously tested strategies that align with similar goals. Here are a few of our favorite examples from our partners that might be helpful in defining a strategy that meets your hospital's needs.

Addressing Leakage


Background: A large Northeastern health system hoped to keep referrals from exiting the system. They collaborated with their business development team and Doximity to launch a campaign highlighting their program differentiators.

How they did it: The health system leveraged Colleague Connect® and DocNews®, reaching both internal and external physicians, and then followed up with a Correspond Message with a flexible CTA.

Notable Results


Colleague Connect® Messages Sent


Correspond Messages Sent


Correspond Click Rate

Introducing New Members to the Community


Background: An academic health system in the Northeast wanted to utilize Doximity to introduce their new Chief of Congenital Heart Surgery to potential referrers in the surrounding community.

How they did it: The health system case a wide net with Colleague Connect® messages to physicians in the broad geographic region. They followed up with DocNews®, reaching the most active referring specialists, to keep engagement high.



Colleague Connect® Open Rate


Colleague Connect® Connection Rate


Replies from Physicians

Connecting with your Busiest Neighbor


Background: An orthopedic hospital wanted to ensure that it was reaching the right physicians for referrals by building a relationship with the busiest physicians in the surrounding area, a group they identified using Doximity’s proprietary data.

How they did it: The hospital began with several DocNews® waves to offer a gradual introduction, and followed up with a Colleague Connect® message to the most engaged physicians, who would be most likely to refer to the hospital.



Return on Investment


New Referring Providers


Net New Patients

Discovering a New Audience


Background: A comprehensive cancer research and treatment center wanted to expand its reach beyond its typical geography. With the help of Doximity, they broadened their audience, and based on physician engagement, proceeded to fine tune its outreach strategy.

How they did it: The center started with broad DocNews® campaigns, reaching physicians in a large geographic area. They then reengaged interested physicians with Colleague Connect®, highlighting their unique capabilities to treat cancer patients.



Return on Investment


Colleague Connect® Open Rate


Colleague Connect® Connection Rate

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