Ensuring equitable access to care during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond is a top priority for today's healthcare organizations. At the start of the pandemic, New York City Health and Hospitals, the largest U.S. public healthcare system, moved quickly to innovate and build a telehealth system that addressed disparities and improved access to care.  

Today, NYC H+H and Dr. Kevin Chen, Senior Director of Design and Evaluation, continue to build on the path to a more equitable telehealth environment. During this webinar, hear from Dr. Chen to learn how your organization can leverage evidence based strategies to address current barriers to equitable telehealth access and more.

Key learning points:

  • Identify + eliminate key barriers to care for reaching diverse patient populations
  • Develop innovative strategies, training tactics and partnerships to advance health equity
  • Provide solutions for integrated, secure, patient and provider friendly technology tools
  • Establish a forward thinking, dedicated approach toward greater equity, access and improved outcomes

From brand awareness to patient acquisition and revenue generation to telehealth—we're ready to help you reach your organization's strategic goals.

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