Discover the power of Doximity's Medical Editors with our comprehensive one-pager. Our dedicated team, featuring MDs, PhDs, MPHs, and RNs, is ready to support your content development needs. This free resource is designed to assist your team in adapting existing content for a physician audience, ensuring it stands out as a compelling DocNews® piece.

When requesting content editing, we guide you through a detailed form, helping you outline your goals effectively. Explore key questions related to background, key points, impact, and quotes to facilitate a seamless development process. While the content remains clinical and targeted for physicians, our medical editors work to transform it into an engaging piece aligned with Doximity's clinical audience.

Learn about our Content Creation Requests, offering a more in-depth service with Q&A interviews and fully developed content pieces for DocNews® or Digest campaigns. Discover what's included, the timeline, and expectations for this service, ensuring your message is brought to life as a sponsored piece of content within five weeks.

Unlock the expertise of our medical editors and elevate your content to resonate with physicians. Click below to download the one-pager and embark on a journey of impactful content creation with Doximity.

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