At its core, Mobius MD is all about saving time for physicians. Their app is EHR independent, and allows for a universally-compatible dictation system made for medicine. In short, providers spend less time in front of the computer and more time with patients. In order to get the word out about their tool and increase app downloads, they reviewed a variety of healthcare marketing tools. As a digital health startup looking to grow, Mobius discovered Doximity.

The Partnership

When Mobius began a partnership with Doximity, the first goal was to lead physicians to download a free trial of their app from the App Store, as Mobius had very high conversion rates from trials to purchases. Within the span of a few months, the team realized that Doximity is a knowledge well in physician brand awareness. The key ingredient: reaching Doximity users consistently, keeping the brand top-of-mind. Due to physician burnout and the ever-increasing amount of paperwork and forms that keep physicians at a desk, many reach a point at which they are in need of a dictation service. By utilizing Doximity for physician outreach, including both sponsored articles on the newsfeed as well as direct physician-to-physician messages about the app, users are more likely to select Mobius as their dictation tool. This strategy, which leans on Doximity’s proprietary algorithms and targeting models, has enabled Mobius MD to reach the highest engaged physician audience and continue to stay top-of-mind.

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Meeting physicians in person is great. But reaching them digitally is super quick and effective, and Doximity is where we can reach physicians. They can digest our content when they have time and the flow of how they find out about us is natural through Doximity.

Keys to Success

1. Start big

With digital health organizations, consumers can come from anywhere. Particularly with Mobius, there are very few specialties that don’t need a dictation service. Start with a large target audience, including various specialties and locations.

2. Don’t be afraid of the unknown

Doximity knows physicians. Mobius leveraged Doximity's proprietary algorithms to develop the right audience for their goals.

3. Leverage common interests

While working with Doximity’s client success team and medical editors to develop content, Mobius focused their sponsored stories on topics that would resonate with physicians while staying true to their core values, such as physician burnout, how physicians use smartphones, and typing vs. dictation for EHRs.

4. Keep it clinical

Mobius understood that with a physician audience, providing educational content and becoming a thought leader in the space goes a lot farther than using sponsored content to make a hard sell.

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