In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, building robust referral networks and fostering strong relationships among medical professionals is paramount. Recognizing this, Rush Health, a clinically integrated network of physicians and hospitals serving the competitive greater Chicago market, joined forces with Doximity to leverage its platform to drive referrals.

The Partnership

Historically, Rush partnered with Doximity to amplify its brand among physicians but has more recently expanded the partnership to boost referral volume across various service lines. When Doximity proposed utilizing its digests as a novel channel to garner referrals, Rush Health embraced the opportunity. On Doximity, physicians receive clinical news and information in a variety of ways, such as on the newsfeed and through direct physician-to-physician messages. Digests are another way for them to receive news that is curated to their specialty or location, and sent directly to their email, providing them with an opportunity to stay current on what’s happening in the markets where they practice. For healthcare organizations, Doximity offers exclusive sponsorship on these platforms to a highly engaged physician audience.

Over the course of a year, Rush sponsored the Local Digest in Chicago on Doximity to spotlight its service lines to internal medicine physicians, with monthly rotations focusing on different specialties. Notably, Rush adopted an innovative approach by incorporating the names of physician specialists into article headlines, This strategy aimed to establish personal connections with primary care physicians by introducing Rush’s physicians directly, rather than solely highlighting the Rush brand.

Following the launch of the Digests, Rush and Doximity monitored physician engagement with the content. Rush identified providers deeply engaged and initiated personalized introductions via Colleague Connect® on the Doximity platform. This proactive approach facilitated direct connections between Rush physicians and external primary care providers, fostering new relationships. The collaborative effort yielded promising results — within six months, Rush successfully converted nine new referring physicians who had previously never referred patients into the health system. This influx of new referrals translated into 36 net new patients, underscoring the effectiveness of the Digests-driven referral strategy. By harnessing Doximity’s Digests, Rush Health not only continued to enhance its brand visibility but also cultivated meaningful relationships with primary care physicians, ultimately expanding its patient base and advancing its mission of delivering high-quality, patient-centered care in the Chicago area.

Notable Results


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