A Day in the Life of John Michael Bonasso

Jan 31, 2023 | Hospital Solutions

Creating new business relationships is a vital part of any company. We followed John Michael Bonasso, our North Carolina-based Regional Vice President of Hospital Partnerships, to learn more about how he works with health care organizations to reach patients who need care and better serve their communities. Here's a peek into his daily routine.

5:50 A.M.
John Michael sneaks away from his five (yes, five) kids at the break of dawn to fit in a GRIT boot camp workout at the YMCA.

7:11 A.M.
After brewing his morning coffee, John Michael puts his big kids on the bus for school, then sits down for a quick reading and meditation.

8:45 A.M.
Round two: the little ones are off to preschool. John Michael checks into his flight for the next day where he’ll go on-site to meet with a potential hospital partner. 

9:05 A.M.
John Michael logs on for the day, checking emails and reviewing his calendar for the week. He scans for important health care news on Becker’s Hospital Review, Definitive Healthcare News, and LinkedIn. When serving leaders at hospitals and health systems, it’s important to be current on health care trends and any specific news at each organization. 

10:20 A.M.
Since each hospital and health system has distinct challenges, John Michael conducts research and considers how Doximity’s solutions could support each system’s goals. He reaches out with information on how Doximity can empower their physicians to reach patients, connect with other physicians, and access key workflow tools. He crafts custom strategies that will help hospitals be more influential in their communities. 

12:15 P.M.
John Michael grabs lunch in the kitchen with his wife and littles before sitting down for an afternoon meeting.

12:50 P.M.
With Diet Coke in hand, John Michael reviews a presentation for his potential hospital partner. He has taken the time to research the health system, their mission, and business landscape to identify which services might be best suited for them.

He uses the meeting as an opportunity to hear directly from leadership and gain a deeper understanding of their needs. He asks about their organizational goals and strengths, including any information they are eager to share with physicians in their region, including new facilities, leading treatments, or innovative clinical trials. John Michael demonstrates the Doximity platform and explains how physicians engage with both their peers and health care organizations through our personalized newsfeed and direct physician-to-physician messages. 

2:35 P.M.
After his meeting, John Michael follows up with an email containing next steps, additional information, and a link to the presentation. 

During the presentation, John Michael received an email from a hospital who wants to finalize a partnership. He gets to work creating a custom proposal, detailing the strategies that will help them achieve their goals. He loops in Doximity’s Client Success team, who will schedule the new client’s kickoff call and be an essential part of the partnership moving forward. 

3:16 P.M.
Big kids are off the bus. John Michael gives hugs and high fives before grabbing a handful of chocolate covered almonds at his desk.

3:30 P.M.
John Michael stays engaged with hospitals at their different stages of partnership. For one, he shares an analysis showing how a peer hospital used Doximity to educate both cardiologists and neurologists about updates on cutting-edge procedures in their respective specialties. For another, he sends a content journey from a current hospital partner who successfully spread the word among OB-GYNs about their 3D and AI-focused breast screening and diagnostic capabilities. Finally, he follows up with a hospital concerned about budget – an ROI study shows a realistic picture of how personalized education for physicians can make a meaningful and cost-effective impact. 

4:45 P.M.
John Michael checks in briefly with a teammate to share a new customized slide he prepared for a presentation earlier in the day. Sharing tips and best practices ensures that the entire Doximity team can best serve our hospital partners.

5:20 PM 
John Michael logs off for the day and heads to the kitchen to help prep for dinner and spend time with his family.