How Your Own Physicians Can Be Your Superpower

Three Ways to Collaborate with Internal Physicians

Oct 31, 2023 | Kate Domin - Doximity Marketing Associate

We get questions all the time from partners who want to supercharge their impact on Doximity. There are a lot of tips we’ve shared, from creating killer content to strategic deployment and much more. But, there’s one tactic that often gets overlooked: getting physicians onboard with your marketing objectives. 

Over 2 million U.S. medical professionals, including over 80% of U.S. physicians, are registered on Doximity. Physicians across all areas of medicine use Doximity to stay up to date on the latest medical news and research, connect with colleagues, manage their careers and on-call schedules, conduct virtual patient visits, and draft and send HIPAA-compliant faxes. 

When partnering with Doximity to increase brand awareness, drive referral growth, and reach patients, physicians can be great advocates and partners in your physician marketing strategy. Bringing them into the fold can enhance your messaging and your impact. 

The Level Up: Physician Collaborators – They Just Get It 

Doximity is a platform built for physicians, by physicians. It’s why engagement on our platform is so different from other channels. It’s a place where physician-to-physician engagement thrives. So, when possible, physician collaborators can truly level up your messaging. Physicians are interested in different content than consumers. They crave clinical, relevant news delivered in a concise, direct way. But don’t take our word for it. Ask your physicians to weigh in on content topics, headlines, or copy. As the experts, they will have an intuitive sense for what information and approach will resonate with their peers. This strategy is especially valuable when drafting physician-to-physician messaging, but it can also work wonders for native content. 

The Easy Sell: Physician Advocates Influence Budget Decisions

In a world of shrinking marketing budgets, it can be challenging to get buy-in from leadership on new tactics and approaches. Physicians are key decision-makers in healthcare spending and can serve as your champions. By bringing physician leaders into your process and strategy, you also gain an advocate who can support your initiatives. On average, Doximity partners see a 12:1 ROI and over 100 new connections for featured physicians. When physicians see the impact of your Doximity campaigns, they’ll be converted into evangelists. 

The Basics: Physician Ambassadors Generate Impact

The easiest way to get your physicians involved with your Doximity campaign is to invite physicians to join as ambassadors. A great ambassador is someone who uses Doximity often and has a strong network on Doximity. Include them in your programs and encourage them to like and comment on your sponsored content. Not only will your physicians be more informed on important organization updates, but they also have the power to magnify the impact of your content through social amplification. When a physician engages with a post, it’s shared to their network as organic news. This unlocks an extra pool of physicians who get to interact with your content, increasing awareness of your brand and messaging. And it takes less than 15 minutes a month to serve as a brand ambassador. 

Your Doximity team is here to help you engage your physicians. Contact your CSM for physician engagement resources and ask about scheduling an on-site training day.