The Importance of Physician Marketing

Reaching Key Healthcare Decision Makers

Aug 21, 2023 | Kate Domin - Doximity Marketing Manager

Healthcare is a very complex industry with lots of important players and moving pieces. However, physicians continue to be the heart of our healthcare system. Not only are physicians charged with the health and safety of their patients, but they’re also the key decision-makers in healthcare, directing more than 73% of the approximately $4.0 trillion in total U.S. healthcare spend

Physicians control more than just care decisions. They are directly responsible for organization-wide decisions that represent significant spending within the healthcare industry. In addition to patient acquisition goals, reaching physicians can be critical to influencing other important healthcare decisions.

According to Google insights, physicians are the largest group of key decision-makers and influencers in hospital purchasing decisions. This means even when physicians are not the decision-maker, they still influence the decision-making process. Physician involvement in decisions is largely understood to be a net positivestudies show that patient outcomes and cost efficiency improve when physicians are involved in decision-making. 

Physicians impact healthcare decisions through both direct and indirect means. Many hospitals rely directly on physician leaders to take up roles in committees, leadership positions, and boards, including the board of trustees, where they hold specific decision-making responsibilities. Notably, 15% of the board members from hospitals recognized on the U.S. News Honor Roll are healthcare professionals.

Moreover, many hospitals adopt a "shared authority model" for decision-making, involving active participation from both physicians and administrators in crucial choices. Indirectly, physicians also act as opinion leaders, offering insights on medical software, treatments, and innovations when consulted on an ad-hoc basis. Furthermore, physicians serve as trusted sources of information for their patients, who often base secondary healthcare decisions on their recommendations.

Considering the significant role that physicians play in healthcare decisions, they remain an essential audience for any organization. Doximity provides a meaningful platform for reaching physicians while they are actively engaged in their work or in a learning mindset. For instance, hospitals can utilize Doximity to educate their internal physicians and convey crucial messaging tied to upcoming decisions.

Digital health organizations, offering time-saving apps and software, can also leverage Doximity to showcase their value to potential physician users. These users may become enthusiastic advocates for the brand, leading to broader adoption within their networks or hospitals. Academic medical centers can also employ Doximity to share important research and innovative treatments that could be valuable across different facilities.

Regardless of your organizational objectives, it's essential to recognize the influential role physicians hold within healthcare. To effectively reach physicians with your message, turn to our physician marketing content tips.