A Day in the Life of Ali Schmetterer

Doximity's California-based Regional Vice President of Hospital Partnerships

Jun 29, 2021 | Hospital Solutions

Creating new business relationships is a vital part of any company. We followed Ali Schmetterer, our California-based Regional Vice President of Hospital Partnerships, who specializes in helping healthcare organizations attract physicians, to learn more about her daily routine.

8:20 A.M.

Ali grabs a cup of coffee and takes her dogs, Jolene and Maverick, on a long walk.


8:54 A.M.

Logging on for the day, Ali spends time checking her emails and following up with clients, focusing on any potential deals or contracts.


9:45 A.M.

Customized presentations are a significant portion of Ali’s days. She preps for each of her meetings by researching the organizations and what their value prop may be so that she can determine the best partnership opportunities available for them. She also pulls initial data for the presentation to demonstrate how their audience is using the Doximity platform. For instance, If they are a neuromedical society hosting a CME event, she focuses on neurologists and neurosurgeons within a 50-mile radius. Ali typically has anywhere from two to four potential client presentations a day. Today, she only has two.


11:00 A.M.

Ali kicks off her first meeting of the day. These presentations include an initial discovery. How did they hear about Doximity? What are their overall goals, and how can we help? Sometimes these conversations are broad and cover healthcare hurdles in general. Ali likes to make sure we’re the right partner for each organization and truly understand how we can best help them reach their goals.


These presentations also include a tour of the Doximity platform. They are educationally based and typically showcase a high-level understanding of Doximity, including the different tools we provide to clinicians and, more importantly, why we developed these tools. Ali loves to dive into Doximity’s history and provide case studies. 


If the organization thinks we’ll be a good fit, Ali works with their team to determine who will be the best people to work with daily, since many organizations don’t have robust marketing teams. By the end of the meeting, Ali focuses on setting up follow-up calls to discuss targeting and pricing/packages. This is also when she breaks down conversion rates and ROI.


12:30 P.M.

Ali pulls together a quick lunch and lets Jolene and Maverick outside before sitting down for her next meeting.


1:00 P.M.

Ali’s presentations are back-to-back today. She sits down with another prospect to discuss their needs and Doximity’s capabilities.


2:15 P.M.

After putting some follow-up meetings on the calendar and sending out next steps, Ali switches gears. She works cross-functionally with the Client Success Team to ensure they have all the necessary information for new partners for a seamless transition. Often, Ali will join most calls even after kick-off. Today, she’s putting everything together in emails for the team.


3:45 P.M.

Ali spends some time focusing on gathering new prospective clients. She performs data analyses and visualizations to illustrate which sectors need Doximity marketing solutions using inbound lead data. She researches and projects how that service line may grow and shares it with leadership.


Since Ali works with non-hospital partners, she’s found that medical associations account for 26% of her inbound leads (the highest out of all sectors). Software is the second highest at 23%, with the 3rd highest being an “other” category accounting for specialized hardware and a range of provider services from real estate to lab services, manufacturers, data companies, and point of care centers (infusion centers, behavioral health clinics). Payer and employer-focused insurers with Centers of Excellence are lowest at 5% but steadily increasing. 


Cold prospecting is also a big part of creating new business. Ali reaches out to potential prospects that have not yet heard of Doximity and proposes calls or meetings using multiple platforms like Outreach, Linkedin Navigator, and Salesforce. Crafting concise, interesting emails and email campaigns is a must as it can take up to seven touches to get connected with someone.


5:45 P.M.

Ali finishes up by documenting new findings and ideas she’s come across during the day to send to the marketing team before heading outside to take advantage of the California weather.


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