Finding Synergy With Your Agency and Doximity

Everyone is busy. Whether you’re a hospital marketer, work at an agency, or even here at Doximity. So how do you create synergy among your team to optimize and use your time wisely?


Top Blog Posts of 2019

1. Client Spotlight: Utilizing Best Practices


4 Articles to Read This Holiday Season

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s easy to get inundated with news and articles. How do you know which are useful and worth your time? Our team gathered together a list of what they think are...

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A Day in the Life of Olivia Huston

Ever wondered what your Client Success Manager does all day? We followed Olivia Huston, our San Francisco based CSM, who works with Keck Medicine of USC, UCLA, and UCSD, among others, to give you a...


Doximity's Top 6 Trending Topics

While developing content, determining whether a topic will perform well or not can be difficult. What will be interesting to your audience? What if you spend time and money on a piece and it flops?...


How to Use Consumer-Facing Content for Physicians

As a hospital marketer, you spend a lot of time developing content for two audiences: physicians and patients. But resources and time don’t always allow for two separate silos. And while the content...


The Rise of Digital Spending in Healthcare Marketing

Digital spend in hospital marketing is on the rise. But why is it on the rise? And what are the pros and cons of digital vs. traditional marketing?


5 Articles You Need to Read This Fall

We know you’re busy and don’t have a lot of time to sift through countless articles each week. Here are some articles our team has deemed the most important for hospital marketers so far this fall:


What Doctors Do On Doximity

Ever wondered what a doctor really does on Doximity? Although it’s clearly valuable for hospital marketers to have a network of over 1 million clinicians to market to, what’s in it for the doctors...


Women in Medicine Month

The rising number of women entering the medical field has spurred studies and debates about gender differences for decades. Do men and women really “doctor” differently? Evidence shows they do.


Six Strategies for Connecting with Specialists

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Introduce your Physicians to the Power of OpMed

With over a million verified clinician members on Doximity, we specialize in creating impactful moments to showcase your hospital on the Newsfeed. Sometimes, letting your own physicians lead the way...


Top Five Must Read Articles for Hospital Marketers This Summer

With an endless supply of healthcare articles published daily, it takes a lot of reading to stay up to speed. We asked our team what their favorite articles have been this summer and narrowed it down...


Product Update: Profile Updater Tool

You asked, we listened. We’re pleased to announce our newest feature, available to all Doximity clients: the Profile Updater Tool. We heard from a number of clients at our annual Hospital Advisory...

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Content Calendars: the Road Map to Success

Kristen Nelson is a Doximity Hospital Solutions Client Success Manager who has been in healthcare marketing for over ten years and currently manages several flagship accounts, specializing in content...

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What Not to Share About Your Health System

We live in an age of transparency, and as expectations have evolved, today’s healthcare marketers are tasked with being as candid as ever. From establishing trust to building a network of passionate...

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The Top 5 Digital Pain Points for Physicians

Technology can be exasperating for everyone. Learn what makes physicians especially frustrated and how to fix the issues.


2019 Hospital Advisory Board Summit

We hosted our event of the year last week at our headquarters in San Francisco. It was Doximity’s 5th Annual Hospital Advisory Board, a forum created to bring the top hospital marketing leaders...


[Checklist] Are You Getting Through to Physicians?

How can you get through to physicians? Make sure you check all the boxes.

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Is Your Content Marketing Investment Paying Off?

Here, marketing expert and Doximity’s Director of Client Success, Liz Kilby, shares tried-and-true strategies for evaluating your strategy’s success.

Does content marketing work?

As a marketing...


7 Content Types to Increase Physician Engagement [Infographic]

Ever wonder what you can do to get your content heard? Here are some things that can help. If you'd like to download the infographic, click here.

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Your Hospital's Content Strategy: 3 Things You Have to Include

Quick — let’s see your content marketing strategy.

If you have to search more than three folders to find it (or you don’t have one at all), you need to postpone your next blog post and work on...

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Are the Wrong Visuals Hurting Your Marketing Efforts?

Some marketers have it easy when it comes to punctuating their content with the right visuals. Lots of industries (think: retail and travel) lend themselves to dynamic photography and engaging...


Pay for Female Doctors Increases in 2018, Narrowing The Gender Wage Gap in Medicine For The First Time

The gender pay gap, the difference in compensation between men and women of the same title or role, affects women from every background, of all ages and levels of education, in every U.S. state. But...

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Four Things Working for our Hospital Partners

Ever wonder what other hospital systems are doing with Doximity? How they’re merging the traditional with the digital? How they’re getting physicians onboard?

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Why Video is Marketing’s Next Big Thing

Video has taken over the internet. Currently, video accounts for 75% of all video traffic, and this will grow to 82% in the next three years. For most marketers video can seem like a daunting,...

UofC Medical Center

Client Spotlight: Utilizing Best Practices

The Chicago healthcare market is competitive. With so many top-ranked hospitals located within the city limits or in nearby suburban communities, how does one stand out in a market with so many...

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Reaching Consumers Where They Are

The rise of consumer knowledge in healthcare has been well-documented over the past several years. Simply put, consumers are taking on more of the responsibility to navigate the healthcare system and...

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What Physicians Are Really Reading

With over a million articles read per month on Doximity, we’ve learned a few things about what physicians are most interested in reading.

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The Top Digital Health Trends of 2019

We can expect to see more tech giants demonstrate an interest and investment in the healthcare sector. Whether it’s through mergers and acquisitions or developing tools that dramatically change how...


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