4 Articles to Read This Summer

With so much change across the country, it can be hard to keep up. We pulled together the top articles we think healthcare marketers should be reading this summer.


Common Campaign Pitfalls

Our Client Success Team shared the most common pitfalls hospital marketers encounter when launching a campaign. They also provided their recommendations on how to navigate these situations to ensure...


2020 Year in Review

We want to take a step back and reflect on what all was accomplished over the last 12 months. It was an amazing year filled with broken records and even higher numbers.


COVID-19 News Roundup

Welcome back to Doximity’s COVID News Roundup, where our team compiles the most recent and reliable information to give you a progress snapshot on a national and international level, as well as how...


COVID-19: We’re here to help

As we all continue through this pandemic, our hearts and gratitude go out to those on the front lines. As a company, we're striving to bring tools that make the healthcare community's lives easier.


Life After the Pandemic

Hospital marketers are beginning to look ahead to what the world will be like after the pandemic. How will life change at both an individual and institutional level, and how will that affect...


COVID-19 News Roundup

With so much information going around, it can be difficult to sort through it all and get clear answers surrounding the current impact of COVID-19, especially as it can feel like it changes...


5 Popular COVID-19 Articles Among Clinicians

We know that now more than ever it’s important to stay up-to-date on the news. Our team assembled some of the most read COVID-19 articles among clinicians over the last week.


How to Navigate Healthcare Marketing Through COVID-19

No one was prepared for what COVID-19 would bring us. But as we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, here are some recommendations for how to stay afloat:


Work From Home Tips You Didn't Know You Needed

Now that we’re well into social distancing and quarantine life, you might have started to hit that work from home slump. It just so happens that our team has worked from home since before the...


How Healthcare Professionals Can Communicate Safely and Efficiently

Now, more than ever, patients and healthcare professionals are turning to telehealth solutions to safely triage patients, reduce the burden of in-person visits and help prevent the spread of...


International Women’s Day: Doctors Honor The Inspiring Women In Their Lives

Originally appeared in FierceHealthcare.

International Women Day happens to fall within the same month as National Doctor’s Day and Residency Match Day.

While this is a coincidence, we can’t help...


The Secret Sauce of Our Client Success Team

Everything we do at Doximity is executed with physicians, clinicians and our partners in mind, including the construction of our Hospital Solutions Client Success (CS) team. Several members were...


10 Reasons Why Hospital Marketers (& Physicians) Love Doximity

February is a time to share and spread the love with those around you. We’re definitely feeling the love here at Doximity. We’re just so proud of our team and are glad hospital marketers and...


4 Trends Shaping Your Service Lines in 2020

This year, the Advisory Board predicts some long-simmering trends will finally reach a tipping point in 2020 and have a major impact on physicians and hospitals. Are you ready for them?



6 Articles to Read This Winter

With colder weather swooping in across the country, you might be looking to stay inside and add a couple more things to your reading list. Our team pulled together their top 6 articles to read this...


Doximity's 2019 Year In Review

We’re now well into the New Year, and our team at Doximity Hospital Solutions is revved up and ready to rock 2020 — we hope you are too!As we reflect back on the last year, we’re proud to share some...


The Power of a Nationally Focused Campaign

When it comes to whether a hospital should market nationally or regionally, many choose to stick to the local market. Unless you have a nationally known brand, consumers might not recognize you or...


Finding Synergy With Your Agency and Doximity

Everyone is busy. Whether you’re a hospital marketer, work at an agency, or even here at Doximity. So how do you create synergy among your team to optimize and use your time wisely?


Top Blog Posts of 2019

1. Client Spotlight: Utilizing Best Practices


4 Articles to Read This Holiday Season

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s easy to get inundated with news and articles. How do you know which are useful and worth your time? Our team gathered together a list of what they think are...

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A Day in the Life of Olivia Huston

Ever wondered what your Client Success Manager does all day? We followed Olivia Huston, our San Francisco based CSM, who works with Keck Medicine of USC, UCLA, and UCSD, among others, to give you a...


Doximity's Top 6 Trending Topics

While developing content, determining whether a topic will perform well or not can be difficult. What will be interesting to your audience? What if you spend time and money on a piece and it flops?...


How to Use Consumer-Facing Content for Physicians

As a hospital marketer, you spend a lot of time developing content for two audiences: physicians and patients. But resources and time don’t always allow for two separate silos. And while the content...


The Rise of Digital Spending in Healthcare Marketing

Digital spend in hospital marketing is on the rise. But why is it on the rise? And what are the pros and cons of digital vs. traditional marketing?


5 Articles You Need to Read This Fall

We know you’re busy and don’t have a lot of time to sift through countless articles each week. Here are some articles our team has deemed the most important for hospital marketers so far this fall:


What Doctors Do On Doximity

Ever wondered what a doctor really does on Doximity? Although it’s clearly valuable for hospital marketers to have a network of over 1 million clinicians to market to, what’s in it for the doctors...


Women in Medicine Month

The rising number of women entering the medical field has spurred studies and debates about gender differences for decades. Do men and women really “doctor” differently? Evidence shows they do.


Six Strategies for Connecting with Specialists

GettyImages-702558037 (1)

Introduce your Physicians to the Power of OpMed

With over a million verified clinician members on Doximity, we specialize in creating impactful moments to showcase your hospital on the Newsfeed. Sometimes, letting your own physicians lead the way...


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