How Your Own Physicians Can Be Your Superpower

We get questions all the time from partners who want to supercharge their impact on Doximity. There are a lot of tips we’ve shared, from creating killer content to strategic deployment and much more....

Illustration of a patient searching for doctors

Understanding the Patient Journey

Over 12 million patients search for doctors monthly on U.S. News and Doximity, and 77% of them are seeking specialists. We’re taking a deeper look into what a typical patient search process looks...


Becker’s 2023 Health IT Annual Meeting

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and healthcare IT (HIT), digital health (DH), and revenue cycle management (RCM) are at the forefront of these changes. The 8th Annual Becker's HIT +...

Young physician looks down at her phone smiling

Cracking the Code to Physician-Centric Content Strategy

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare marketing, connecting with physicians is paramount. Doximity, the professional network for medicine, offers a unique avenue to engage with this audience....

Inbound Conference 2023

3 Tips to Level Up Your Digital Marketing

Our team lives and breathes digital marketing, so we were eager to attend HubSpot’s annual INBOUND conference in Boston, MA. The industry-agnostic event hosted over 12,000 attendees with deep-dive...


Report Reveals the How and How Often Physicians Use Telemedicine

As physicians increasingly adopt telemedicine to deliver accessible and efficient care, Doximity’s 2023 State of Telemedicine Report provides valuable insight into how this vital element of...

Physician consults with hospital administrator

The Importance of Physician Marketing

Healthcare is a very complex industry with lots of important players and moving pieces. However, physicians continue to be the heart of our healthcare system. Not only are physicians charged with the...


The Inside Scoop on Top-Performing Content on Doximity

Doximity is the platform where doctors stay up to date on medical news. So, we have unique insights into what clinical content is resonating with physicians. In fact, we have an entire team dedicated...

Doctor walks patient down the hallway, smiling

Unleashing the Power of Physician Bios

In the digital age, patients increasingly turn to online resources to research and choose healthcare providers. Google searches have become a common starting point, and physician bios are vital to...

Paper cut out of an hourglass

Repurposing Content Across Channels

An important part of effectively communicating with your audience is creating content that is both interesting and relevant to them. The content creation process can be time-consuming and expensive,...

Stack of books on a desk with a pair of glasses on top

What Our Team is Reading

Our team strives to stay up to date on healthcare industry trends, and that means consulting a variety of sources. We love to share helpful articles among our team on Slack and thought it would be...

Illustration of a man at a desk writing content

How to Identify Content Strong Enough to Reuse

As marketers, we understand the fundamental principle that it takes more than one touchpoint to get your message across. In fact, the widely accepted “rule of seven” suggests that it takes at least...

Waves of color emerge from a microphones

Why Brand Marketing Matters

There’s an age-old discussion among marketers about the benefits of brand versus performance marketing. While performance marketing gained popularity for its measurability, recently industry leaders...

Young woman searches on her phone

Gen Z Healthcare Trends to Watch

Healthcare has always been an evolving industry, with new technologies and trends shaping how we access and receive care. As we continue into 2023, it's clear that Gen Z is poised to be a major force...

Illustration of a computer displaying the Doximity dashboard on a blue background

3 Ways to Use Your Doximity Dashboard Like a Pro

The Doximity dashboard is a one-stop resource for our partners. From program status reports to trending topics and so much more, the dashboard is filled with valuable information and turnkey tools...

Healthbrigade x Doximity Logos with a rainbow banner

Pride Month Spotlight: Health Brigade Free Clinic

Founded in 1970, Health Brigade is a free medical clinic focused on providing health services to those least served in a caring and non-judgmental environment. Today, the clinic offers comprehensive...


90-day Reprieve on Telehealth Penalties

The HHS Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has given healthcare providers a 90-day extension before imposing penalties for non-HIPAA compliance with telehealth regulations. The extension is in effect...

Addison crouches next to her dog, Riley

A Day in the Life of Addison Amorosi

Building relationships with existing partners and creating new business relationships is vital to any company. We followed Addison Amorosi, our Dayton, Ohio-based Associate Vice President of Hospital...

Person interacting with poll online.

The Power of Interactive Content in Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare marketers are always looking for new ways to connect with physicians and increase referrals. An underused tool? Interactive content. Quizzes, assessments, and surveys offer physicians a...

Stock image of many yellow padlocks with one open.

Unlocking Patient Adoption

Digital apps have revolutionized the healthcare industry, providing patients convenient access to information, resources, and tools to manage their health. Achieving high patient adoption rates can...

Conference goers socialize at the Doximity booth

Our Team’s Top Four HMPS Sessions

Last month, our team gathered in Austin, Texas for the Healthcare Marketing and Physician Strategies Summit, better known as HMPS. This annual conference is always a highlight for our team, and this...


Doximity leadership shares highlights from HIMSS2023

HIMSS 2023 didn’t disappoint as the most influential health and technology event of the year and the Doximity Dialer Enterprise team was thrilled to attend. Health system clients, CMIOs, CIOs and...

Illustration of blue robots and a physician on a black and white checkered background

Four Ways to Use ChatGPT in Healthcare Marketing

ChatGPT, a sophisticated chatbot that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate human-like responses to a prompt, took the world by storm earlier this year. Across almost every industry,...

Billboard that reads

Two Compelling Arguments to Use When They Ask For a Billboard

My daughter and I recently attended a birthday party for a little girl in her class. In between visits to the potty and minor meltdowns, I started chatting with one of the other mothers, and I...

UC San Diego School of Medicine 2023 Match Day Students, Photo: Erik Jepsen/University Communications

Ready or Not: Gen Zers Are Headed to Your Orgs

When we think about generational marketing, it’s often to define and understand our audience. By considering the unique circumstances and cultural touchstones that shaped a generation, generational...


Content Hubs: A One Stop Shop for Great Content

At our annual advisory board meeting, we get a pulse check from our clients about what topics are top-of-mind for healthcare marketers today. One item on the agenda this winter was content hubs: how...

Female doctor shares information with elderly female patient

Are Branding Campaigns Important to Your Physician Marketing?

Last fall, MarketingWeek released results from their Language of Effectiveness survey, which showed that marketers are almost twice as likely to focus purely on brand awareness. The survey included...

PHE ends. Doximity Dialer HIPPA compliant

Doximity Dialer users not impacted by the end of the Public Health Emergency

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has announced that the Public Health Emergency (PHE) will end on May 11, 2023. The implications of this announcement are far-reaching and will impact...

Aerial of white piggy bank on blue background

Evaluating ROI on Your Own Terms

As marketers, we are always looking for ways to show return on investment to justify spend, inform strategy, and ultimately generate results for our teams. That’s why Doximity works with clients to...

Illustration of independent versus hospital affiliated physician

Understanding Your Audience

Understanding your audience is a crucial first step for marketers. When reaching out to physicians, marketers might mistakenly assume that independent clinicians and those affiliated with hospitals...


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